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Update on the Home Makeover

I have to admit that Brett is the far more organized half of us. The computer room looks so much better and when I get into the closet now I don’t have miscellaneous toys, books, dvd’s, or empty boxes or bags fall on my head. I would post a “before” and “after”, but since I […]

Evite to the Rescue

My son Lincoln is having a party for his 4th birthday next week. I have never really thrown a “friends” birthday party for the kids yet and I hadn’t really planned on starting them yet for Lincoln yet. I figured we would just take the kids to Chuckee Cheese or have his cousins and Aunt […]

Brett’s Home Makeover

The kids and I spent the night at my brother Warren’s house last night and Brett decided to stay home to organize and work on some home projects.  I am sure it will look great when I get home, but I have had a bit of anxiety about the changes that will be made without me.  […]

A Conversation You Could Have Heard If Had You Been at My House Today

Brett: “I don’t know anybody else who stores their medicine in a box up high in the hall closet.” Me: “Who, besides your parents, do you know where they keep their medicine?” (pause) “Ummm, well, my parents never put it in a box in the closet.” “But maybe some of your friends do?” (Tries to […]

First Goal of the New Year

I have made a goal this next year to send birthday cards to everyone in the family.  I know this sounds like something that I should have just been doing all along, but snail mailing things has always been something I have had a hard time with.  A lot of times I get so far […]

My run in at Wendy’s Jack-in-the-Arby’s

When the power was out last weekend I went to get Brett some food because he was sick and finally felt like he was ready to eat something. It was late, but I packed up the kids so they could get warm in the car and headed out. I came in from the back side […]

The Kid’s Christmas Stories

We have all been writing Christmas stories to send to my parents for Christmas. This is my three year old son Lincoln’s: “Once upon a time it was Christmas and we were throwing snowballs and we hit a car. And then somebody hit another car. He hit somebody. HE throwed snowballs on the floor. And […]

A Puzzling Tradition

I love to do puzzles. I especially love to do puzzles around the holidays. As a little girl I would cover my parents huge dining room table from end to end with finished puzzles between Christmas and New Year’s and I always got a few puzzles as gifts each year. After I was married I […]

This is what happens when a 7 year old boy helps you decorate for Christmas….

Handiwork of my nephew Steele (at Mom’s house)

Creating Memories

When I was a little girl Christmas was always a magical time of year that I looked forward to more than anything. My Mom was a decorating enthusiast and our house was always red and green from floor to ceiling. I remember one year that we had at least six trees in the house. Some […]