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Me and My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I think some of the best lessons in life come from our children. I was reminded of this yet again tonight by my five year old daughter Luca. I had a bad weekend. I had a cold. I wasn’t so sick that I felt I could lay in bed all day with no guilt, but […]

Boston Legal-ized

Brett and I bought the first season of Boston Legal on dvd and loved it. We are waiting anxiously for the second season to come in the mail because the last episode of season one really leaves ya hanging. Anyways, we are so dorky and get excited when we first turn it on and the […]

Favorite Baby Gifts

The ladies at church threw me a baby shower when I was pregnant with each of my three kids. They were so generous and kind and thoughtful to give me one and especially kind and generous to give me one for #2 and #3. I was looking through my box of stuff that I would […]

A Little Too Much Information

Okay, maybe I am just a prude, but I had the weirdest experience today with my twelve year old neighbor girl.  I pull up into my driveway and start unloading my kids and she comes skipping up my driveway with her nine year old sister in tow. She says, “Guess what I started yesterday?!” “Uhhhh, […]

A Little Drugged Up

I don’t know what it is about Nyquil and me. Everyone else I know can take it and function fine the next day. I took it last night at 10:30 and I stumbled…no, I floated to my bed about 12:30. I slept like a rock until Brett left about 7am and then I was too […]

Finding the Motivation

So I hopped on the treadmill tonight after an eleven day sabbatical of exercise. The next longest break I have had since August was four days. Even though I somehow still managed to lose a couple of pounds (and fit into a size of pants I haven’t been able to wear for over seven years!) […]

A Snow Day

We woke up this morning to a winter wonderland…rather, the kids woke up and then woke us up to a winter wonderland. I grew up in the the desert of southern Utah so I am not very experienced with snowy activities like snowballs and snowmen and snow angels and such, but I did my best […]

Lincolns Pirate Party

We had a pirate birthday party for Lincoln, who turned four last week, and invited 9 kids over. With my three kids added to the mix we had a total of twelve kids between the ages four and five for over an hour and a half! Eight of the kids, including Lincoln, are in my […]

Little Fingers at the Piano

Luca starts piano lessons on Thursday and we are both really excited about it. I am so thrilled that she has a desire to learn to play and an excitement about it. I hope it stays with her always! I have taught her a few simple songs the past couple of years and she has […]

After About the Tenth Time Anna Got Out of Bed Tonight

“Mom, are you mean at me?” “No, Anna, not ‘mean’, just angry” “Don’t be mean at me Mom, be happy at me”, she says sweetly as she pushes the corners of my mouth up into a smile. How can I scold her after that?