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Overheard Through the Walls of the Blanket Fort

(While playing one of their favorite Nintendo DS games Animal Crossing) “Luca, do I have enough money to buy some hot chocolate?” “Yes Lincoln, you do…and hey, before you get it will you send me some money so I can get some with you?” “Ya! This will be fun.”

Kids Breakfast Conversation

Lincoln says, “last night I dreamed that Aubree and Curtis and Mikayla (his cousins) came over to our house to play, and Anna wasn’t there and Luca wasn’t there and Mom wasn’t there and Dad wasn’t there, and even only I was there!” Luca replies in disgust, “Lincoln! I had the same dream and I […]

Budding Artists

While at Barnes and Noble the other day we picked up the book Kids Mandala for the kids to color in. It is full of fun but simple concentric geometric designs that bring out the creative side of any kid. I remember coloring much more complex mandala’s when I was in seventh grade art class […]

Making Pancakes

I was reading through the blogs on one of my favorite sites today and read this fun post about pancakes. We love pancakes and often have them for dinner. We have weaned ourself from Bisquik to whole wheat pancakes with flax seed added for fiber and my kids seem to like them as much as […]

My Ipod Playlists

Brett did well this Valentines Day and surprised me with a pink Ipod Nano and a speaker to plug it into so I can listen to more music, since I don’t love to wear headphones. I have already got a ton of use out of it and don’t know how I did without for so […]

Jumping Rope

We got Luca a jump rope a couple of weeks ago at Target and she has been practicing nearly every day since then. She has been very proud as she is able to jump a few more times each day and has also learned to skip forward or backward as she jumps. We were browsing […]

Memory Game With A Two Year Old

I decided I needed some one on one time with Anna Lynn this afternoon. She always wants to play games with Luca and I (and Lincoln when we can keep his attention for more than two minutes), but being two years old she likes to create her own rules….which doesn’t usually jive with Luca, who […]

My New (Sugar-Free) Indulgence

I haven’t been much in the mood to write since I got back from my trip to Utah, but I have discovered something that I just have to rave about. When I was in St. George my Mom and I walked through the outlet and I slipped into the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory while she […]

Somewhat Back on Schedule

So the kids had a great weekend with Dad while I was gone and I came home to a clean house, clean clothes, my old recycled computer set up for the kids on a new IKEA desk, and four new pictures of the family in new frames hanging on the walls. I was a proud […]