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A Simple Act of Kindness

Our family went to one of our favorite restaurants the other night called Jasmine Mongolian Grill. The kids love the food, but their favorite thing about the restaurant is the large gumball machine near the front doors. It is about four feet high and has extra big gumballs that fall through a series of ramps, […]

My Best New Pastime of 2007

The kids and I started going to the library weekly (sometimes more) around the first of the year. The first two times we went were very frustrating with the two little ones, but after being told they could not have Nintendo, computer, television, or movies until they behaved at the library they were little angels […]

School Schmool

“Mom, can we go to the library after lunch?” “Uhhhhh, no. Luca, you have ten minutes to eat and five minutes to brush your teeth and get to the bus stop.” “Hmmph! School is such a waste of time when I want to do other things.”