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Unfairly Influenced Compensation…Another Random Childhood Memory

My brothers love me.  Really.  I know they do.  I don’t bring up this childhood memory to point fingers or place blame or induce guilt or receive any sort of compensation for what they did to their baby sister.  Seriously. I am the youngest of five children.  The next two siblings closest in age to […]

A Time To Laugh And A Time To….Laugh

  Brett and I were on one last night after the kids went to bed and couldn’t stop laughing about…just about anything that was even slightly humorous…or even not.  It didn’t even have to really be funny.   We watched Big Brother and laughed every time Amber cried or Jameka prayed.  And if you watch Big […]

Brain Quest Bargain

  I found some fun learning games at Costco a few weeks ago called Brain Quest and my kids LOVE them.  I thought it was a pretty good deal for about $7 (they are $10.95 on the website).  Each package contained two sets of cards (of the same level) held together by a grommet.  There are 85 sets […]

Mourning My Maui Jim’s

Boy do I miss my sunglasses.  Brett bought me my first pair of really nice Maui Jim’s three years ago and I have not gone a day without them….besides those days that I never leave the house…which sadly is too many to count.   They were comfortable on my nose and ears and were very light […]

My Beauty School Dropout

I thought I was going to be one of the lucky parents who didn’t have a hair cutting incident with any of my children, but I should have never discounted Anna as the one likely to give it a try. The other day she locked the bathroom door from the inside and then walked out […]

Little Pea: The Latest Favorite Book at Our House

We came across another book at the library that has become an instant favorite for Anna and Lincoln. (Luca likes it too, but has become rather sick of it after reading it several times every single night for three weeks) Little Pea is a book about…well…Little Pea, a playful and happy pea, who does not want […]

Goodbye to a Furry Little Friend

 My mom lost her seven year old bichon frise dog Ozzy this weekend in a terrible attack that should have never happened.  She wrote up a very nice tribute to him on her blog.