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Mom, What Color Is My Brain?

My son Lincoln who is four years old has really exploded with curiosity the past few weeks.  The number of questions he asks in a day are unimaginable and to even try to figure out where he comes up with the things he asks would be useless. For example, I was reading and soaking in […]

Pregnancy Paranoia

This being my fourth pregnancy you would think I know all I need to know about what my body is doing and how things work.  I realized this is not even close to the truth when I went to do yet another search on google for a question I had regarding a twitch, pain, or […]

An Unnecessary Reminder From My Six Year Old Daughter

I was getting a little frustrated with the kids after they continued to fight after being told to be nice.  Luca looked at me and put her little hand on her hip and said, “Having four kids is NOT going to be easy mom.” Thanks Luca.  I really needed that right now!   Technorati Tags: […]

The Snap Crackle Pop Of Pregnancy

I was waddling up the stairs the other day and the sounds my knees were making made me crave a bowl of grape nuts.  I am only thirty years old, but if you walked behind me as I climbed stairs you would think I was well into my 70’s.  I would like to say it […]