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Zigity…Another Fun Family Cranium Game

I have had the card game Zigity for several months but had never tried playing it.  The age recommendation on it was ages 8-adult so I thought maybe it would be too difficult for my six year old daughter Luca.  I finally pulled it out the other night and read through the instructions and decided […]

Thar She Blows!

We were having a particularly sassy night with our boy at McDonalds last night and I could feel the steam building inside me.  I was sitting there turning red and about ready to snap at him when out of the blue Anna yells out, "MOM!  There is an old man right behind you!!"  Out of […]

Why Didn’t I Think Of This…..

I just came across this cool product and I wish I had found it before I had my first child.  This would be great to throw in a diaper bag or purse.  I would use it to clip my kids napkins to them when we go to restaurants.  They are sick of us tucking napkins […]

If He Really Wants To Show Me He Loves Me….

These are the BEST chocolates ever!  When I worked downtown ten years ago there was a small Teuscher’s shop in the bottom of the building I worked in.  Being an employee of the management company that managed the building they were in I figured it was my duty and responsibility to familiarize myself with the […]

My Experience Of Bed Rest…So Far

I have been wanting to write about being on bed rest since I was put on it three weeks ago by my doctor, but I have put it off because I know how long winded I get and I could write a mini novel about it.  To put it as briefly as I can I […]

Procrastinating With My Cup Half Full

The bad news is I came across a bin in my garage with two nearly finished baby quilts that I haven’t worked on for five years. The good news is it will only take me about an hour to finish a quilt for my sister’s new baby and one for our baby boy that will […]

More Glimpses Into The Mind Of My Four Year Old

Lincoln has been really concerned about getting his kindergarten shots next year ever since his little buddy told him all about the “TWO BIG HUGE SHOTS THAT HURT REALLY BAD” that you have to get before you go to school.  I don’t think there has been a day in the last month that he hasn’t […]