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A Chip Off The Old Block(s)

Oh, how my oldest child frustrates me, makes me laugh, and makes me proud.  I see pieces of both her dad and me in her all the time. Luca is by far our pickiest eater and always has been.  She doesn’t like to try new things, doesn’t like her food to touch, and can change […]

Sudoku – A Total Time Killer…But A Lot of Fun

So I am slightly addicted to Sudoku Gridmaster for the Nintendo DS.  While I was on bed rest and those nights I have had contractions and been up late timing them it has helped to kill the time and help keep my mind calm.   The thing I don’t get is this.  I have no problem […]

I Can’t Wait to Have Another Little Guy Like This…

I washed my newborn baby clothes the other day and the smell of the Dreft gave me that excited butterfly feeling about the baby coming.  I have been getting nervous about going through childbirth again, but looking at the pictures of Lincoln when he was born makes makes me not so worried…it is definitely worth […]

Picking Favorites

I would never say one of my kids is my favorite, of course, but I have to say each of my kids are my favorite for different things. Anna is my favorite kid to nap with.  If I lay down for a Sunday nap I can always count on a little warm body climbing up […]