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A Little Fabric Softener Anyone?

I love this picture, but it makes my face itch.  All those little hairs flying in every which way make me want to grab a spray bottle and wet the picture down and try to comb them out of her face.  I know how it feels because it is the same thing that my hair […]

I’m All Ears

Brett and I have been noticing that our three year old seems to kind of get on her siblings nerves.  Well, not "kind of"…she totally drives them up the wall most of the time.  She is fun and bubbly and energetic and a tease and they can’t stand that she is so happy all the […]

My First Meme

My mom tagged me and since I was starting to feel bad that I have been blogging for over a year and have never been tagged I decided I better do what she asked!  It is a tricky one since it is to “blog about five things in my life that I never dreamed, when […]

A Letter To Luca…

I am sorry that last night while you were holding Kai for me I finished the puzzle you started.  I thought you knew that you couldn’t start a puzzle and leave it out where I will find it and expect me to not be drawn in.  I tried to resist, but the draw of Ariel’s […]

Happy Hippo Chocolates A Happy Momma Makes

Why can’t I fall in love with chocolate that I can just buy at my regular grocery store?  I would even be happy if I found some good chocolate that I had to go out of my way to get…like at Trader Joe’s or something. A couple of Brett’s coworkers who were at a show […]

Say What?

What is is about having a baby that women think if they have also had a baby that they can say anything at all to you. I was walking Luca home from the bus today and a neighbor came out to see the baby.  Within minutes I had heard all the details of her two […]

Variations on the Golden Rule

The kids have been working on treating each other nicely and with respect and Lincoln and Luca summed up how it is going the other day when Luca was picking on Anna. "Luca, remember.  Treat others the way that you want to treat them", he said all know-it-allish.  Luca gave him a confused look and […]

Learning To Read By Diet Soda…A New Curriculum

Anna, as she points at my Diet Dr. Pepper:  "Mom.  That says Dr. Pepper.  So can I play The Sims since I know that says Dr. Pepper.  I can read now."  She is three.  And no, I don’t let her play The Sims.  And I still can’t figure out what Dr. Pepper has to do […]

Boosting My Own Self-Esteem

Okay, so I got all excited when I looked at my blog stats after posting my last post and saw that four people were viewing my blog at the same time…and only minutes after posting!  Then I realized I had my blog open in four different windows and realized that no, my popularity online isn’t […]

Getting Things Done With Baby

I had forgotten how much I can get done with a baby in one arm.  Not only can I load and unload the dishwasher with a baby in tow…I can do it with a SLEEPING baby curled up in one arm and keep him asleep.  When Lincoln was a baby I made Luca lunch, got […]