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Taming the Beast

I have really abused what I call my "mean mommy" voice today.  I don’t know why there are days that I can’t seem to get out of that mode, but I decided I better make a list of triggers and how I can prevent them. 1.  Being cold.   I hate to be cold and I […]

What Started as Sharing a Blog I Found Today and Turned into a Whole Lot of Nothing…

You might have to have a total internet geek husband, be an internet geek yourself, know what Twitter is (which automatically qualifies you as a geek), or know who Guy Kawasaki is (again…automatic geek qualification) to enjoy this, but it nearly made me pee my pants from laughing when I read this post and the […]

Two Lives, Two Beginnings

The oldest and the youngest members of Brett’s family have started new beginnings… We got word this morning that Brett’s grandmother passed away in her sleep at about 3:00am…which was two hours before we arrived home from our sixteen hour drive home after visiting with her on Sunday and introducing her to our newest member […]


My cousin Wendy posted about how thankful she is for her friends and it made me think about how great my friends are and I thought I would follow her example and mention a few of the blessings they have brought me. I am thankful for …friends who don’t even know I have been out […]

Preserving My In(sanity)

I just told Brett that that the baby’s pacifier has “saved my insanity”. It took me a minute to realize that is not what I meant to say. But then again, maybe that was more accurate than what I thought I was saying. Especially when it is an hour after I put the kids to […]

A Blog That Will Touch Your Life

I came across this touching blog last night through Twitter and read until 1am. (I was supposed to be studying my church lesson I taught today)  It is written by a young mom who found out she has cancer in June of 2007 and she has blogged about her experience almost daily.  Start with this […]

Typical Sunday Evening

This is what goes on at our house most Sunday evenings.  This time they are watching Luca play Scooby Doo: Monsters Unleashed. Kai lasted about thirty minutes and then called for a rescue.

Valentine Collage

We followed this tip on Parent Hacks and made a collage with Anna and Lincoln’s valentines.  Luca is still planning our her "perfect" collage.  It turned out cute, it was fun, it kept them occupied for a half hour, and it solved our problem of valentines all over the place.  She has carried it around […]

Stylish Anna

"Mommy, do I look good in this stylish?"

100 Things That Make Me Happy

I have seen this done on other blogs and I decided to take the challenge to write 100 things that make me happy.  Here it goes.  I am going to write the first things that come to mind and not make any changes! 1. Family 2. My kids 3. Hearing my kids laugh 4. When […]