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Twitter Domination

It is either time for me to follow a few more people on Twitter, or Brett (Akula) is spending way too much time tweeting.   Technorati Tags: Twitter

If I had my druthers I’d…

Eat a chicken salad at Chipotle at least three times a week Have maid service once a week Get paid to read whatever I wanted Get paid to write whatever I wanted Always have a clever blog idea in my queue Have a little money tree (not being greedy…a little one…so I could always have […]

Seattle Soccer

Today Luca and Lincoln had their first soccer games of the season.  We started with Lincoln’s game at 10:30am.  We got there with just enough time to grab a folding chair, duffel bag with snacks and jackets, and Kai in his car seat and run the length of the parking lot and the field to […]

George Winston Songbook

I was browsing George Winston’s website to see if he had any new releases or was touring in our area, when I read the he has released his first book of piano solos.  !!!!.  I have been waiting for this since I first became a fan when Brett introduced me to his music before we […]

Am I Missing Out On Something?

I was browsing through this site looking at organizing clutter when I saw the purse organizer.  Am I missing out on something?  Are there a lot of people out there (that don’t have one word names like "Oprah" and "Paris") that have enough purses that they would need to go out and buy a purse […]

Seven Years Old

Happy Birthday to a special girl!  I knew Luca was getting older when she asked for a down pillow for her birthday.  No requests for dolls, DVD’s, or Nintendo games…just a "squishy pillow" like mine. I also got her a set of Little House on the Prairie books because I loved them as a child.  […]

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

I took Lincoln with me to Kai’s checkup the other day.  On the way out I stopped to see if I could move up Lincoln’s checkup so we could get his immunizations out of the way.  He has been stressing out about it for almost a year now (since his friend told him about the […]

A Couple of My Favorites

I came across these writing tips while I was browsing the website of one of my new favorite authors, Kate DiCamillo.  I especially love tips #4, #5, and #6 because they are different from tips I have read on other lists. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is one of my favorite kids books.  Not […]

Your Seventh Year

Your seventh year has been a whirlwind!  You finished up kindergarten and had a fun graduation.  You sure loved your teacher and you said several times you just wanted to go back to Mrs. Davis and kindergarten again.  She was the perfect teacher for your first year of school! We had a great summer.  We […]

Your Sixth Year

Year six…we had a long and very fun vacation back to Utah to see family.  We caravanned down with some friends and stayed for a couple of weeks in St. George before dad flew down to meet us.  You had some fun times with your cousins Kerra, Faith, and Grace and got to stay several […]