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Kids Are Too Observant

"What you doing mom?" "Putting on my walking shoes so I can walk on the treadmill." "Oooohhh, you haven’t done that in a long time." "You’re right, it’s been awhile." "A really really really really really really really long time." …"Go clean your room Lincoln."

Your Fifth Year

The first few months of your fifth year were were still living in Ivins, Utah.  Just On your 4th birthday your cousins from Seattle came to visit.  We didn’t tell you they were coming and surprised you on your birthday by knocking on our door.  I have never seen you as excited and surprised as […]

My Other Weakness

In case you wondered why I am still blogging at 1:30am.

Baby Weakness

I LOVE LOVE LOVE having a baby in the house again.  I could live the rest of my life getting up twice a night for feedings and diaper changes if I could always have one around (without going through pregnancy or labor and delivery again of course…oh…and not have to go through a lifetime of […]

Baby Feet

This is my favorite way to show off my baby’s feet: But those times I HAVE to cover them up to keep them warm I love these: I am not normally one to put shoes on my babies, but with the cold weather we have been having we decided to get one good pair that […]

Your Fourth Year

Your 4th year was a very busy one Luca.  Your little sister Anna was born one month after your 3rd birthday.  You were so excited to have a sister.  You came to the hospital to see her when she was about twelve hours old and you were in awe. A few weeks later we made […]

Your Third Year

Luca, your third year we didn’t think you could possibly get any more energy.  We were wrong.   You nursery teacher said to me, "We just love Luca’s energy and she is so cute….but we are glad they are not all that way or it would be chaos!"   You loved exploring and seeing new things.  Here […]

Your Second Year

When you had just begun your second year we found out we were expecting our second baby.  You made the announcement for us to the extended family. When you started nursery at 18 months of age you only had a handful of words you used.  "Mommy", "Da-da", "Elka", "oopsie", and "hooray" were among your most […]

Your First Year

You turn seven in seven days.  I thought it would be fun to write a little bit about each year of your life each day until your birthday. I knew you were stubborn and that we would have our share of power struggles from the minute you were born.  You came out screaming and wailing…which […]

What Am I So Worried About?

I am a mother.  I am wired to worry.  I do it well.  I don’t even really need much of a reason to worry.  I don’t worry about the "silly" things anymore, like "that candy fell on the floor DON’T let her eat it!".  I don’t freak out anymore when I see one of the […]