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Too Observant

Kai was in a silly mood today and had a really hard time nursing because he would giggle every time he caught my eye.  Or every time he didn’t.  He just couldn’t be serious long enough to get full.  So he would start. stop. start. stop. I didn’t realize Anna was watching the process until […]

Alarming Logic

Two hours after he set off the alarm at Lowe’s by opening an emergency door. "Lincoln.  My little boy who set off the alarm at the store today." (as I hug him and give him a kiss on the forehead…after finally forgiving him.) "No, Mom.  Your little boy who set ON the alarm at the […]

Cranium: Matching Madness Game

I found yet another game that the kids and I have been playing like crazy the past few days.  It is another Cranium game, because when I see a Cranium game that we don’t have and it is 50% off…it will be in my cart even if it means I have to take the milk […]

Holding My Baby A Little Closer and Longer Tonight…

Kai had his six month checkup today.  I cannot believe we are halfway through his first year. He is growing right as he should be.  He is about average in his weight and he is on the tall side.  His head size proves how big his brain is and what a smart little guy he […]

The Yellow Jacket (Wasp) Killer

I have had friends who have spent hundreds of dollars to get rid of yellowjacket hives. Not us.  I have Brett. His weapons of choice for removing hives are brooms and hoses.  And running shoes. When I tell Brett that I have found a hive I run in the house and make sure all the […]

This Seriously Made Me Laugh So Hard I Couldn’t Breathe

Anna: "WAAAAAAAA…..Mooooooom, Lincoln won’t give me my two dollars!" Me: "Lincoln, why do you have Anna’s two dollars?" Lincoln: "Because she said if I didn’t tell you something then I could be the boss of her forever and so I told her she had to give me the money in her wallet." Me: "What exactly […]

Luca Plays In Her First Talent Show

Luca participated in her first talent show yesterday.  It was at her elementary school and she had two performances. The first performance was during an assembly for the whole school.  I don’t know if I could have got up in front of the entire school at seven years old and done anything solo. I was […]

Family Yard Work Day

I have been quite flaky lately with my posts.  It is a combination of too much to do and just feeling boring.  Not that we have been bored.  I just don’t know that what we have been doing makes for an interesting enough post. We have been working in the yard bit by bit this […]

Hula Hoop Pro

This was Luca’s second choice of what she could do in the school talent show. First the waist… Now the arm… neck… And finally the knees… Maybe next year!

Brotherly Love

Lincoln’s world became a brighter place the day he found out he was going to have a brother.  Do you think that maybe Kai likes all the attention just a little? Looking for a ticklish spot… Lincoln called in some help for the big tickle… Yep!  That’s the spot!