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A Few Things About Being A Mother

Sitting on the sidelines of a soccer game with a stomach ache so bad you can’t sit up straight…but you wouldn’t miss it for the world. Goodnight hugs, kisses, hi-fives, smells, and indian burns (Anna’s latest addition to the goodnight routine) at bedtime even though you feel like all you did was nag and send […]

Home Olympics

Luca:  Lincoln, I will race you to the bottom of the stairs. Lincoln: Okay BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM (as they run down the stairs) Both: TIE!!! BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM (as they run back up) *repeat seventeen times Lincoln: Okay, now let’s see who can raise their hand first! Luca: Okay.  Ready.  Set. […]

7 Weird or Random Facts About Me

My cousin Trisha tagged me and this was one of the harder ones I have done!  It is hard to come up with "weird or random" facts because they all seem boring to me.  Hopefully they aren’t boring to you! 1.  I had a regular 40 hour a week babysitting job the summer I was […]

Mom Trusted Me

My next "mom moment" is about my mom.   It is a something that I can relate to now that I am a mom. After I met Brett we fell in love very quickly and because of the distance my parents had only spent a few hours with him before we announced we were going to […]

Some Fun Card Games For Kids

I bought this card game in 2005 after my sister introduced me to it and it has been rediscovered at our house.  (I accidentally put it up where they kids couldn’t get to it or it wouldn’t have had to be REdiscovered) It is a fun matching game that even the youngest gamers can have […]

Some Things That I Miss…

Brett blogged about what he misses working downtown so I thought I would add my thoughts to his. It has been nine years since I worked and lived downtown and I still miss so many things about it. I miss the Union Deli (we called it the 4th Floor Deli) in the Puget Sound Plaza, […]

Did I Just Learn Another Lesson From A Preschooler?

My next "mom moment" I have to share happened…tonight!  Just in time so I didn’t have to dig through the kids journals to find something. I was having a hard time getting the kids moving tonight to get the things done that they needed to do before bed.  Brett had basketball so it was just […]

Feeling Loved

He loves me..   He loves me not… He loves me! A nice birthday surprise from my man.  Why is it that flowers turn us women to babbling starry-eyed school girls?  For me it says, "you are worth it…even though they slowly wither and fade and we will have to throw them away…you are worth […]

I love you. I love you. I love you.

In honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday I am going to write a few of my most memorable "mom moments" this week. As I have mentioned before, Luca is very strong willed and stubborn.  She knew how to talk way before she actually did talked.  She would say a new word and if we acted […]

Brown Nosing The Doctor

Lincoln had a doctor’s appointment today.  We had been waiting in the exam room for about ten minutes when the doctor hurriedly walked in the door and said, "I apologize for the wait.  We are really busy today." Without missing a beat Lincoln chimed in, "You do not have to apologize to us.  You did […]