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My Science Minded Boy

Lincoln:  Mom, will all the nothing always be nothing or will it be something someday? Me:  What “nothing” are you talking about? Lincoln:  You know.  All this nothing all around us *wildly flings arms around him*…will it be something someday? Me:  You mean…the air? Lincoln:  I guess.  Just the nothing. (silence) (silence) (more silence) Me:  […]

I Am So Glad I Can Count On Other Moms To Be Creative For Me

What do you do with your empty egg cartons?  How about this idea that I found on one of my favorite blogs, Scribbit?! I saw this blog post tonight and got so excited.  I have a hard time throwing certain things away if I think I might find a use for them, and egg cartons […]

One Cool Kid

Lincoln:  “Mom, how do you be cool?” Mom:  “Uh…what kind of cool do you mean?” Lincoln:  “Like awesome cool.  How do you be awesome cool?” Mom:  “Hmmm, well…one way is to be very nice to your friends, because people think nice people are cool.” (I don’t know!  Better than, “run faster than your friends!”) Lincoln:  […]

Little Graduates…Was Preschool Worth It?

  We attended Lincoln and Anna’s preschool graduation this week.  It was fun watching them sing along with the other 34 graduates.   We decided to put them in separate classes at the same school this year.  Anna attended on Monday’s and Wednesday’s and Lincoln went on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.   I debated up until the last […]

How To Spend Your First Day Of Summer…The Anna Way

Start the day with some holey pink tights, rain boots, and a tree. Wash the car with your dad. Make a sand angel. And a mud pie. And when you kiss the sand (because c’mon!  Who doesn’t?!) Wipe your nose first. Then clean up before the ride home. Finally, take a hot shower and collapse […]

“My Grandfather’s Clock

I can’t believe my sister knew the song that goes to this clock. I searched for it on YouTube and I liked this instrumental version.   My sister reminded me that my cousin Denise read words from this song at my grandpa’s funeral.  I will definitely be getting one of the clocks the next time […]

Nostalgic Toys

I am pretty good at controlling the urge to spend money on toys and kid stuff.  I have a few weakness, one being card games…but they are pretty cheap and I don’t walk through the toy section of stores enough for it to be a problem. But nostalgia.  That is where it can be a […]

That Apple Didn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Lincoln:  Anna, if you had six apples and I took one, how many would you have? Anna:  FIVE!! Lincoln:  That’s right.  Okay.  If you had seven apples and I took one, how many would you have? Anna:  SIX!! Lincoln:  Good, Anna! Anna:  My turn!  If you had seventeen apples, how many would you have? Lincoln:  […]

Making Crayon Cookies

I bribed the kids to clean the house today by telling them I had a fun craft we could do together.  They did a great job, so this is how we spent our afternoon. I found this craft on a website months ago and I forgot about it until I noticed all the broken and […]

Great Ideas From Others While My Mind Is Out Of Commission

My posting has taken a serious hit between reading the Stephenie Meyers books for the past few days and now from all the cold medicine that has been clouding up my brain. So for tonight I am just going to link to a post on one of my favorite blogs, “Rocks In My Dryer”.  At […]