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The Messes Can Wait

Today was a success.  My floors aren’t vacuumed and my bathrooms are picked up, but not really clean.  My laundry is only partially done. I didn’t shower today. The kids ate tomatoes and quesadillas from the microwave for dinner.  We ate it at 9:00pm. Their rooms are pigstys. BUT We spent two hours at the […]

While Cuddling With Lincoln

“Mom, do cavemen ever take baths?” “Mom, how many people are in the whole world?  I think there are one hundred and fifty eight thousand…plus one more than that.” Giving me his best pirate impersonation.  Dirty face and all. “Mom, what does it feel like to be a baby in your mom’s tummy?”  (I answered […]

I Guess I Need To Read My Book On Baby Safety One More Time

I goofed today and my baby got hurt.  He wasn’t hurt very bad, but still, it was my fault and I felt awful. I was getting him ready for church and I laid him down on Lincoln’s bed.  I turned to the closet, which is just an arm’s reach away, and heard a “THUMP!” and […]

Whistling A Happy Tune

Sometimes Anna gets a little overlooked.  I will be the first to admit that. Luca is the oldest and usually the first to do most things.  She is also the first to let you know that she is the first to do things. Lincoln is very chatty and full of questions and doesn’t really give […]

No Time For Sleeping

On our way home from a fun two hour activity day at Anna’s preschool.  I was starting to feel loopy from some allergy medicine I had taken before we went. Me:  (yawn) Let’s go in and get some lunch and all have a nap. Anna:  We don’t have time to nap!  We have games to […]

His Eyes Are Continually Upon You

I have been teaching in Relief Society at church for about six months.  I only teach once a month, which is good, because it gives me three weeks to procrastinate and a week to prepare my lesson.    Today’s lesson was “Obedience: When the Lord Commands, Do It.”  There was some great material in the lesson […]

Lincoln’s Morning

  "Does making pancakes from scratch mean you have to stir it longer?" "Is the snow bear…you know, the white one, what’s it called again?  is it the biggest?  I think it is the biggest bear, but is the grizzly bear the next biggest?  And do they live in trees?  Not the white one, but […]

Flickr Mosaic Meme

Not all memes are as much fun as this one was to complete.  Thanks Corrie!   1. haha, 2. taco salad, meet Flickr. Flickr, meet taco salad., 3. redtuacahn, 4. Just hanging around, 5. George Clooney, 6. Diet., 7. Neuschwanstein Castle, 8. Hot fudge brownie sundae, 9. Joy of life, 10. A Helping Hand, 11. […]

A Late Night Tired Post

My blog has been dying a slow and painful death the past few weeks.  Every morning I vow to get on the ball and revive it, but it just hasn’t happened. I am so tired tonight every part of my body feels heavy and fuzzy and half asleep.  Even my boobs.   Can’t say they have […]

Duh! Why Didn’t I Think Of It Sooner?

I finally came out of my seven month cloud of exhaustion and fatigue to realize for a minute that I might be low on iron.   The iron pills I found in my box of medicine also may have reminded me that I have been low on iron every single time in my life that I […]