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On A Lazy Afternoon


My Little Swinger

Kai took his first ride on a park swing today. Have you ever tried to take pictures of someone on a swing? It was a learning experience for me. Out of 135 pictures I got a lot that would have been darling had the focus not been on the background instead of the cute baby. […]

Why I Have A Hard Time Finishing A Project

me thinking to myself: “Hmmmm…I need to make room for all these bottles of salsa and jam, I better go clear out the toy closet under the stairs and put them there.? (while looking at stack of bins of toys in closet under the stairs) “Uh oh, I am going to have to go make […]

How Many Times Do They ALL Win Something?

Anna riding the prize A couple of weekends ago we decided to stop by Crossroads Mall food court for dinner.  After we ate we wandered up to the little carousel so the kids could have a couple of rides before we headed home. The store right in front of the carousel is a unique children’s […]

Where Does He Come Up With These Questions?

Lincoln: Mom, when someone can’t see and they need to get glasses…how do they even get to the store to get their glasses if they can’t see? Me: Their mom takes them. Lincoln: What if they aren’t a kid?

Homemade Salsa

Anyone who knows me even a little knows that I love Mexican food and especially chips and salsa.   Here is my friend Michele’s recipe that I used to make my first batch of salsa: 6-1/2 pounds tomatoes (about 12 cups) – peel and cook until mushy 6 jalapeno peppers 12 long yellow peppers 3 […]

Slowly Increasing My Domesticity

I have had a busy but fun week learning how to bottle. We now have blueberry jam, salsa, and tomatoes. I am hoping to get a few jars of pickles, peaches and pears in before our trip to California next month. When I was growing up my friend Jana’s mom bottled the best pickles every […]

I Think His Sisters Are Trying To Get Rid Of Him

  Luca packed Lincoln up and Anna got the stamp. Both sets of grandparents better get ready because I don’t know if he is on his way to Ogden or St. George!

It Smells Happy

I took the kids to the elementary to see if Luca needed to register for the new school year. I remember registering every year as a kid and it seems strange to just show up on the first day of school, but that is all returning students have to do here. Luca had a cute […]

Her Plans Are Foiled Again

On our way to church this morning: Anna: I don’t want to go to church.  Let’s just pretend we are sick. Me: That would be lying. Anna: They will never know. Me: But Heavenly Father would know. Anna: No he won’t. He can’t see us. Me: Yes he can. Heavenly Father can always see us. […]