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My Thoughts on Toni Morrison’s: “The Big Box”

I was browsing books by Toni Morrison last week on Amazon and came across a children’s book she wrote called, along with her son Slade, called The Big Box. I am a fan of Toni Morrison so I logged into the King County Library System website and put the book on hold. I picked up […]

Fun With Chocolate

I have been trying to find ways to use my spearmint and peppermint plants that are growing like crazy. Luca suggested we put some mint leaves in lemonade and it turned out really good.  We have been alternating the spearmint and peppermint in Crystal Lite or lemon or limeade made from the recipe on the […]


*  My four and five year olds don’t just ask for candy or chocolate.  They say, “Mom, can I have some dark chocolate truffles?” Huh?! I didn’t know little people could be so high maintenance! *  $350 worth of groceries is the new $250 *  When I grocery shop at midnight with an overflowing cart […]

Getting My Frizz On

This is why I only let the kids brush my hair late at night, and only if I am not going anywhere or expecting anybody to stop by for the rest of the night. Brett walked in the room and exclaimed, “Whoa! New hairdo?” Yes, it is the Marsha Brady…only frizzier. So the kids are […]

A Start In Gardening

We have a strawberry! I planted forty strawberry starts several weeks ago. They were leftovers from a nursery in town and were “certified”, whatever that means in plant talk. I was told they were very hardy and could be planted in almost any type of soil.  They did survive being planted upside down for a […]

Nobody Has Me Wrapped Around Their Little Finger

(to self) “Do not go up and put his binky in his mouth.  Do not go up and put his binky in his mouth.  Don’t do it!  Don’t!” “Wanna binky!  Does baby want a binky!” (finger wag, goofy smile, and silly mommy voice included) Could you say no?! On a side note…baby could also use […]

Buried By Books

  This is my stack of “currently reading” or “to read’s” that are stacked on my nightstand.  All but one of them are library books so I have a deadline.  I hate deadlines. I am currently reading “Breaking Dawn”, “Home Comforts”, “The Dinner Diaries”, and “A Bad Beginning: A Series of Unfortunate Events”.  Oh, and […]

My Midnight Run To Get “Breaking Dawn”

I decided at the last minute tonight to run to Borders to get Stephanie Meyer’s new book “Breaking Dawn”. I got there at 11:54 with just enough time to get a numbered bracelet and get in line. They had a count down as if it was New Year’s Eve and there was lots of screaming […]