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To Whom It May Concern…

If you are the one that googled “Lazy stay-at-home mom” and ended up on my blog… Please tell me you didn’t find what you were looking for. It would help me sleep better tonight. And during my already scheduled mid to late morning nap. (I am going to blame the fact that I link to […]

What Happens When You Interrupt A Mom While She Is Cleaning

Anna: Mom, will you get me some milk? Me: Just a minute, let me finish washing these dishes. Anna: Mom, will you PLEASE get me some milk? Me: I told you I want to finish this first. (thirty seconds later) Anna: Mom, can you get me some milk now? Me: hold on! (45 seconds later) […]

Make Them Smile

My mom and I took the kids to Chuck E Cheese’s today. They ask to go almost every weekend, but the running joke at our house is that it gives me a headache (not a joke to me…it really does give me a headache) so we don’t go very often. After attending the funeral of […]

Did Someone Borrow My Mind And Forget To Return It?

Today my mom and I decided to go pick Luca up at school and go for a little ride. We may have also been planning on picking up diet cokes at Frugals, but ONLY because it was on the way to…uh…our ride. I got all the kids loaded up and mom and I got belted […]

Don’t Worry Kids, This Hill Isn’t So Bad……

“WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!” (That brave one in the back is me, followed by Luca, Anna, Lincoln, and two poor strangers who had to listen to my blood curdling scream all the way down the hill.)

Checking In

It has been a long time, I know. We were on vacation for a week and I was sick the week before that and couldn’t stand to look at my computer monitor. Then we got home and I had pickles to bottle. Well, I had cucumbers to bottle. I will let you know in December, […]

There Is A New Kindergartner In Town

We had a week full of open houses, orientations, and first days of school. Of course all the kids have had a different first day this week as their first day of school because we like things to be as hectic as they can possibly be around here. I was trying to get Lincoln’s first […]

Somebody Stop Me

I have had so much I could blog about this week I have found myself frozen when I sit to write. I don’t like feeling behind or overwhelmed. I started the week turning these: Into these: I ended up with 17 quarts of pear chunks. We also ate a dozen or so fresh pears throughout […]

A Labor Day Meme

I saw this meme on Rocks in my Dryer and I thought I would play along in honor of Labor Day. How long were your labors? #1 – Four and a half hours of active labor. Two days of mild contractions. #2 – Two hours, after an induction #3 – An hour and a half […]