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Lincoln’s Card Trick

Lincoln: Mom! Pick a card! Any card! (I pick a card) Me: Do I need to look at it? Lincoln: Not really (I put the card back and he proceeds to clumsily shuffle the deck) Lincoln: Okay, what did your card look like. Me: I don’t know, you said I didn’t need to look at […]

Costume Fun

Metrodad wins my vote for creating the best costume I have seen this year for his four year old daughter. Love it!

Would You Rather…

Last night the kids and I spread out sleeping bags on the living room floor, turned on all the lighted Halloween decorations, turned out all the lights, and played “Would You Rather” for two hours. You don’t have to spend ten dollars to play our version. You just need a few kids, a good imagination, […]

A Whole New World…

My baby girl now has glasses. I think she looks darling and I am thrilled she can see better. But it is all too grown up. I am going to go browse baby pictures now and have a little cry.

“A Closed Jar Catches No Flies”

I bought about 100 lbs. of apples over three weeks ago so I have been making and canning applesauce a few nights a week. It is a bit time consuming. I have been turning on a little Norah Jones or Joss Stone and singing along while I peel, core, and chop away. I put the […]

Getting Things In Focus

We took Luca to the eye doctor for the first time today and she picked out two pair of glasses. As I sat and watched her struggle to read the top line of the chart with her left eye I felt like an idiot for missing the signs. She had fairly frequent headaches that I […]

Our Halloween Stylist

One year my brother Ryan and I each won first place for our age groups at our church Halloween party. It was 1983. Doesn’t Ryan make a cute little old lady? He even walked the walk and talked the talk. I am not sure what I am supposed to be. I just remember my mom […]

No One Is Happier…

Does anyone else remember this creepy version of “Jack and the Beanstalk” that came out in 1974? (three years before I was born)     It was one of my favorite movies as a kid and I was so excited to find this clip. The music in the movie is catchy and unusual.  This song […]

After “McTeacher Night” At McDonald’s

Lincoln: Mom, do you know how to juggle? Me: Not really, why? Lincoln: Because Ronald McDonald said that he knows how to juggle, but not as well as mommies do. Me: Hehe, now that you mention it…I DO know how to juggle!

A Model Student

One of my favorite nights while my mom was visiting we stayed up late telling stories to the kids about our childhood. We laughed and laughed at the kids reactions to the things we did as kids. Mom, you thought you were getting back at me for telling the kids about how I liked to […]