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Nothing Like A Visit With the Nordquists To Deflate Ones Self-Esteem

Our home teachers (two monthly visitors from our church) might think twice about setting another appointment with us. Last time they came Lincoln asked one of them, “Why do you have all that hair on your arms, but none on your head?” Tonight Anna asked the same one, “Why are you bald and you aren’t […]

Feeling Grateful For…

My brother and his family, who invited us over to their beautiful home for Thanksgiving. Another Thanksgiving guest who ran home to grab some Benadryl for my boy, who forgot about his allergy and decided to play in a bowl of nuts. She had just sat down with a dished up plate of food when […]

Not Sure We Are Making Any Progress Here…

I have been fishing a little this week to find out what the kids want for Christmas. Me: Lincoln, what are you going to ask Santa for this year? Lincoln: Ohhh, I don’t know. Maybe a rocket ship that I can go inside and play games in and stuff. Me: Oh. And if he can’t […]

An Unexpected Compliment

I took the four kids to Costco tonight. I would normally try to avoid taking all of them, but Brett was working a little late and the shopping had been neglected long enough. We stopped in to the cafe to grab dinner before browsing the aisles. The kids each ordered a gigantic piece of pizza […]

This Tooth Fairy Is Cracking The Whip

Luca has had a loose tooth since last February. The same tooth. It has been loose for ten months. That gap there between her teeth…not supposed to be there. The tooth is so loose it hangs forward. It totally grosses her dad and me out, but we are not allowed anywhere near her mouth. She […]

Sorry McDonald’s, You Are No Longer The Late Night Coke Run Destination Of Choice…

I am not sure how it took me three years to figure out that the best Diet Coke is right here in the town I live in. Mom and I discovered Frugal’s while she was here last month and I am hooked. It even beats McDonalds DC. Oh, and they have hamburgers that are just […]

My Week In Review

I can’t concentrate long enough to write a decent post on a single topic, so here are a few things that went on at our house this week: * Kai had two two top teeth break through and two more are on the verge. * I attempted to make homemade vanilla yogurt but it didn’t […]

Political Discussions From A Minivan

(Driving home with Lincoln and his friend Emma. They are both five.) Emma: Kim, who are you voting for? Me: What?! Uhhh….Hmmm….. Lincoln: I am voting for Obama! Emma: Me too. I am voting for Obama too…if my mom says it is okay to change my mind. Me: Lincoln, why are you voting for Obama. […]

What Is Spread Across My Family Room Floor Right Now?

Piles. Piles of chocolate candy. Starburst piles. Piles of suckers. And the pile of packages that contain more than one piece of candy. In another hour they will all be rearranged into different categories.

Fun At A Baptism? Whodda Thunk It?

I took the three older kids to the baptism of one of Luca’s friends today. I expected to be spiritually edified, but I didn’t realize I would be thoroughly entertained as well. After Rebekah was baptized her family, the primary president, the stake president, and my kids and I went to another room to wait […]