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Christmas Over? But I haven’t Finished Decorating!

I am feeling that bittersweet feeling of Christmas being over. On one hand, “YA! It is over! No more stressing over whether the kids will like their gifts!” On the other hand, “*sniff. sniff* Kai will be walking and talking and Anna will be in kindergarten before next Christmas.” Anna climbed into bed with us […]

Santa’s Bringing You What?!

Christmas Eve sitting around the living room enjoying the Christmas tree. Anna snuggled up under my arm with a look of total contentment on her face. The lights are dimmed. I am feeling peaceful and starting to drift off to sleep. Anna: I am so happy. I have been a really good girl and I […]

Dear Santa…or Whoever

We were sitting around the kitchen table chatting and the kids were writing on a dry erase board. Luca wrote: Dear Santa, Lincoln has been very very bad this year so please bring all his toys to me instead. love, Luca. She hee-hawed while reading it to us and of course Lincoln got mad. He […]

Well In That Case…Come On In!

-Bathroom door starts to open- Me: Go out! I am not dressed! Anna: That’s okay, I don’t care. Me: Well, I do! I will be out in a minute. -door starts to open again, this time by a different child. Me: Can I have a minute!? I am NAKED…please do not come in yet. Luca: […]

Mary, Did You Know?

I came across this neat video on YouTube that I thought was appropriate for the season. The song is sung by Donny Osmond.  

Where Does It Come From?

Anna: Mom, I know that ham comes from a pig, and milk and hamburger come from a cow…So where does chicken come from?

More Conversations From A Minivan

Anna: I am not going to grow up and be a mommy. There are so many people being mommies and I don’t want the whole world to be full up with them. Me: Don’t you want to have a little baby of your own when you are big? Anna: Oooohhh, yes! I want to have […]

Some Holiday Entertainment

Need some Christmas entertainment for your retirement home? Office party? Amway holiday gathering? Look no further. No checks accepted. Please be prepared to pay in Pop Tarts, Lip Smackers, or trips to the Dollar Tree.  Available bookings: Weekdays: after 6pm (dinnertime) and before 7:30pm (bath and bedtime) Weekends: after Saturday morning cartoons and chores

A Fun Way To Count Down To Christmas

We started a new tradition last year that turned out to be a hit. I read about it on a blog last year and knew it was something I wanted to start for our family. I have searched through some of the blogs I read trying to find out who wrote about it so I […]