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Toilet Paper Tube Dolls

A few weeks ago, after listening to what felt like hours of complaints of boredom, we pulled out the craft bin and the kids and I came up with these cute toilet paper tube dolls. We used toilet paper tubes, sharpies, scissors, a hole puncher, yarn, hot glue gun, fabric scraps and ribbon. Lincoln made […]

The Messenger

It was a combination of little and big things that culminated to the end of a day that found me crying on the floor of my locked bathroom. Little things like hair that wouldn’t cooperate and ended up in a messy ponytail all day, kids bickering, annoying allergies, guilt from $30 spent at a drive […]

This Could Be A Home Video From Our House

It isn’t very funny when my kids do this to me, so why do I laugh so hard every time I watch this?  

Some Birthday Funnies

–Earlier today after running errands Lincoln asked if we could go to the Dollar Store. I told him no, we had to go home and have some quiet time. I hear this terrible “life is so unfair!” groan from the backseat. “But Moooooooom, it is your BIRTHDAY. We are supposed to do fun stuff when […]