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7 Weird or Random Facts About Me

My cousin Trisha tagged me and this was one of the harder ones I have done!  It is hard to come up with "weird or random" facts because they all seem boring to me.  Hopefully they aren’t boring to you!

1.  I had a regular 40 hour a week babysitting job the summer I was 11 years old…tending a one year old baby.  What were her parents thinking!  Although, I did do a good job if I do say so myself.

2.  I like to crochet and made my first afghan when I was 10 years old. (ish)

3.  I once named a cat Spaghetti.  The next cat was Spaghetti Two and the next was Spaghetti Three.  They were all hit by cars.  I didn’t name the next one Spaghetti Four.

4.  I was on the front page of the "Lifestyles" section of the newspaper when I was fifteen.  The article was about my doll collection and in the picture I was sitting on my front porch surrounded by my many dolls.

5. When I was three or four I sang "When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Mother" by myself in sacrament meeting (church)…backwards.  I was too afraid to face everyone.  Then I walked around right afterwards to the bishopric and my home teachers to collect the dollars they all promised to give me if I sang.

6.  The book I have read more times than any other book is "Follow The River" by Alexander Thom.  I believe I have read it seven times.  Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte would probably be a close second.

7.  I used to be such an obsessed house cleaner I would iron my sheets and pillow cases every time I washed them…which was twice a week.  I also ironed my jeans because I loved the smell.  I rarely even iron my church clothes these days.

I tag my cousin Wendy (to get her to post again!), Lyndi, Mom, Dad (post in my comments…I know you can do it!).  I was supposed to tag seven people, but I have never been good at following rules.   

  • Thanks Kim for doing this : ) You made me laugh about your cats names. Now I want to read “Follow the River.” looks like a book I would like.

  • that’s hilarious about the ironing. My kids barely learned what an iron is. what did you do with all your dolls?

  • whim

    Andrea, thank you for visiting my blog. Sadly, my dolls have all been packed in boxes for ten years. The first few years they were at my parents house in their basement and now they sit in my garage. Some day I hope to have a house big enough that I can have a room for my dolls that my husband will never have to go in. 🙂