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A Few Things About Being A Mother

Sitting on the sidelines of a soccer game with a stomach ache so bad you can’t sit up straight…but you wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Goodnight hugs, kisses, hi-fives, smells, and indian burns (Anna’s latest addition to the goodnight routine) at bedtime even though you feel like all you did was nag and send kids to time out all day.  They still love you in spite of your imperfections.

Playing another game of "guess the animal" even though the same five animals have been recycled for the past five months and you already know all answers.

Pretending that you don’t know the answers to "guess the animal".

Finding ways to make your kids think they are your favorite without exactly saying it.  Such as… "Anna, you are my favorite little four year old girl in the whole world." "Luca you are the best big sister our family could possibly have."  "Lincoln, don’t tell anyone…you are the best brother that baby Kai has."

Slipping into bed with them as they sleep for just a few minutes before you go to bed.  Smelling their hair, rubbing their soft skin, and whispering, "I love you", into their ear. 

I think I will go and do just that.

  • I wish I could go back in time and do all those things one more time with my own kids.

  • That’s so sweet. I love all those things too.