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A Labor Day Meme

I saw this meme on Rocks in my Dryer and I thought I would play along in honor of Labor Day.

How long were your labors?

#1 – Four and a half hours of active labor. Two days of mild contractions.

#2 – Two hours, after an induction

#3 – An hour and a half

#4 – 12 hours of little pain and no progress after induction, then baby shifted and 45 minutes of intense labor and 1-10 dilation.

How did you know you were in labor?

#1 – Wondered for a whole day and then when contractions suddenly intensified I KNEW.

#2 – induction

#3 – woke up to water breaking and strong contractions.

#4 – even after induction didn’t feel like I was. When baby moved from behind my tail bone the contractions hit and I knew.

Where did you deliver?

Hospital for all.


#1 – Two epidurals. First one didn’t take.

#2 – THREE epidurals, which resulted in a spinal headache and two more needles in my back in their attempt to cure it for me. It was worse than labor.

#3 – None, not after previous epidural.

#4 – None, still afraid of epidurals. Wait, they did give me something to help me relax. It didn’t help the pain, but it made me forget I was in labor in between contractions.


Nope, but almost had to have one with #4.

Who delivered?

The doctor I was seeing with each pregnancy delivered #1, #2, and #4. #3 came too fast and the nurse delivered just as the doctor ran through the door. He said, “I knew I should have run that last light!”

How long were you pregnant?

#1 – Three days shy of 40 weeks.

#2 – 40 weeks and 5 days.

#3 – I don’t remember…I think 39 weeks and a few days.

#4 – Never really knew my real due date. I think just over 39 weeks.

  • that was fun!! i think i shall do it to. 🙂

  • Oooh I got a spinal headache once too. Thought for sure death was imminent. I got mastitis shortly after baby #2 was born and the Army doctors in all their wisdom said Ooh, I bet she’s got Menengitis. So they did a lumbar punch in the wrong spot with the wrong size needle and spinal fluid leaked for 2 days before they caught it. And by they I mean I.

    Sounds like you’re very blessed! ~Whitney

  • Thanks for sharing your stories. Sounds like you had a little fun! I am due in less than 4 weeks, so I’ve enjoyed reading most of these posts about labor from RIMD. My friends are also giving me advice on our blog if you’ve got any you’d like to pass along this week!! 🙂

  • Do I really have to go through this??? Just kiddin…a little nervous though.