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A Letter To Luca…

I am sorry that last night while you were holding Kai for me I finished the puzzle you started.  I thought you knew that you couldn’t start a puzzle and leave it out where I will find it and expect me to not be drawn in.  I tried to resist, but the draw of Ariel’s long flowing red hair and the the little pile of Flounder pieces that you had organized in a neat little pile were just too much to resist.  I was going to just do that, but then I found the other little pile of purple Ursula pieces and I just had to do them.  One thing led to another and the entire 300 piece puzzle was done before I knew it.  Thank you for not getting too mad at me and thank you for letting me do it with you again today even though I was a little bossy and made you sort the pieces my way.  I will let you sort the Snow White puzzle your way tomorrow if you will let me help you.  Please.

mermaid puzzle snow white puzzle

  • Puzzles left out remind me of the potatoe chip commercial that says “You can’t eat just one” … The women of our family are fascinated with puzzles.