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A Model Student

One of my favorite nights while my mom was visiting we stayed up late telling stories to the kids about our childhood. We laughed and laughed at the kids reactions to the things we did as kids.

Mom, you thought you were getting back at me for telling the kids about how I liked to get my name on the board with lots of check marks when I was in kindergarten. You also thought it would be funny to tell them that when you went to my first parent teacher conference that year my teacher burst into tears when you walked in the door.

Well, Lincoln has told me at least once a day since you left…

“Mom, you were so good in kindergarten the teacher would put your name on the board and put check marks by your name all day because you were even gooder.”


“You were so good in kindergarten that your teacher cried when your mom went to see her. Mom, why would your teacher cry because you were so good?”

What can I say, Lincoln? I was just that good.

grover (just for the record…when my mom explained to me that my teacher cried at parent teacher conference, and that it is not a good thing to have your name on the board I immediately improved my behavior and the only bribery necessary was a Grover necklace.)

  • Little Lincoln wouldn’t believe you’d been naughty no matter what he was told. In your defense you really did think the teacher was having as much fun as you were. But what a shock to go to see how your darling 5 year old was doing in Kindergarten and have her teacher burst into tears.

  • Jana

    LOL!!! Good ol Mrs. Prince. 🙂 Do you alsp remember her splitting us up because we talked too much? So instead of it working, we would yell accross the room to talk to eachother. hehehehe 🙂 Oh those were the days!