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All That Matters Now Is That It Is Consumable

When I make a salad I have been known to get a little out of control.  Only when I am making a salad for myself though, because with the variety of ingredients I put in my salads…chances are there will be something that somebody else won’t like.   I start with the basics and then start going through the fridge and cupboards and chopping, scooping, and sprinkling until the single serving salad is much too big to put on my large plate so I have to bag it and eat it for the next two meals.

Apparently when I try to make powdered hot chocolate mix the same craziness takes over.

What started as following a simple recipe from a family cookbook turned into a Tupperware Thatsa Bowl full of hot cocoa mix.  That’s 32 cups.  I have no clue how many servings that would be.  If the can next to it is 39 servings I am guessing it is in the ballpark of…oh…190…ish, because that bowl is a lot bigger than it looks in the picture.

Picture 019 Large Web view

The recipe I was following must be very forgiving because it didn’t have exact measurements.  It was something like "a half of a box of instant milk, 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 cups of powdered sugar, a small jar of Creamora, and a container of Nestle something or other

Okay, so it didn’t say something or other, but what I pictured in my mind as I read it was Hershey’s Cocoa, so this is what I added.

cocoa powder

This is why I get in trouble with recipes.  I read through them quickly.  What it really wanted me to add was a container of Hershey’s Chocolate Milk Mix.

  chocolate milk mix

So I got it all mixed up and put a little hot water in a cup and stirred some up to try my latest project. 

Blech!  Gag! 

It was very bitter.  If you know even a tiny bit about baking you probably know that two cups of sugar is nowhere near enough to sweeten an entire container of cocoa powder.

So the next twenty minutes went something like this.

few shakes of powdered milk

a couple of cups granulated sugar (I had used the last of my powdered sugar)

a little more creamora

some hot water and a spoonful of my new mixture.

GAG!  Ugh!  Bitterness!

a couple more cups of sugar

more Creamora

some more powdered milk

(I probably added too much sugar now.  Let’s put another 1/4 cup of cocoa…uh oh…bad move!)


Then the lid was put on it and it was stashed in the corner of the kitchen for 48 hours.  By Sunday night my head was filled with all of the hot chocolate recipes I had googled the night before and a new bag of powdered sugar that I had sent Brett to the store to get.

By now I knew that my problem was lack of sugar.  Sugar is the first ingredient listed on the back of my can of Nestle hot cocoa mix and the recipes I looked up averaged about one part cocoa to three and a half parts sugar.  Oops.  I also hadn’t nearly enough instant milk or Creamora.  Had I used chocolate milk mix like I was supposed to I would have been A-OK.

In went the entire bag of powdered sugar. 

In went the rest of the box of powdered milk.

In went the rest of the LARGE jar of Creamora, because I don’t do anything small.

In went the last 2-3 cups from my can of Nestle hot cocoa mix.

And in went a box of instant chocolate pudding.  (???)

I then sifted it all into my other Thatsa Bowl, because if you are going to get one Thatsa Bowl, why not get two?

I called Luca up to test out my new batch, because she is the hot cocoa connoisseur in our household.

"I love it!" she exclaimed. 

Okay, so she has never had a hot chocolate she didn’t like…but at least I know I can give it to my kids without complaint.

I tried it out myself and it was pretty good.  I love dark chocolate and it is certainly not even in the same family or extended family as dark chocolate…but it could be a pretty good friend.

It was quite creamy (all that Creamora and powdered milk) and just sweet enough. 

I think I know what I will be handing out for the holidays this year.  Maybe I will even throw in a baggy of crushed candy cane or vanilla powder.


  • That looks like a LOT of chocolate milk but I bet it turned out delicious. Save a baggy of it for me! That is so funny … you’ll have to read my blog today about my pumpkin pie I made our first year of marriage.

  • Maryanne

    My question is…..could you write down that recipe?? I need to know exact measurements. 😉

  • That is something I would do, umm have done actually but I never fixed it!

  • whim

    Ha ha ha! Let’s just say this is my “secret” recipe and I can’t give it out…ya…that’s it! If I WERE to write a recipe it would have to be something like this:

    Put in some cocoa…not too much, but enough
    then some powdered milk until the mix is light brown instead of dark brown
    then some Creamora until is feels right
    lots and lots of sugar…powdered or whatever you have
    and just for the heck of it…throw in some chocolate pudding