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Along For The Ride

I felt a tug on my leg as I paced back and forth between the fridge and the sink while preparing dinner tonight. I looked down and saw my newly turned two year old son Kai grinning up at me. He hopped on my foot and I laughed as he clung to my leg and rode around the kitchen with me while I finished up.


I loved the feel of his weight as I dragged him around. The older kids were doing homework and they stopped to watch and laugh.

I had to pause for a minute and think about how things are different with my fourth child. I remember being annoyed and impatient when my other children were this age and clung to my leg while I tried to cook dinner, or do laundry, or vacuum. Now I realize that it won’t last long.

Tonight I let him cling to me hoping that tomorrow he will want to do it again. 

  • I don't know how you balance him on your feet like you do. I like watching him interact with you when he pulls out a chair and decides you need his help. Does anyone really *need* Kai's help? Lovely post.

  • shantelsurvey

    Thanks I needed that reminder! I always get frustrated with my kids when they “cling” to my legs for a ride.

  • grandmahenke

    He is a little sweetheart … and actually for his age he is quite a good helper! Kiss him from Grandma Henke … the one with the white dog.

  • Jana

    I love it when we stop and internalize those small moments with our kids that we so often think of as bothersome, and not enjoyable. They don't last forever, but we tend to get too caught up with “everything” else.

  • Yes, we definitely treated our fourth child differently. This was an example of a great short post with a powerful message.