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Am I Missing Out On Something?

I was browsing through this site looking at organizing clutter when I saw the purse organizer.  Am I missing out on something?  Are there a lot of people out there (that don’t have one word names like "Oprah" and "Paris") that have enough purses that they would need to go out and buy a purse organizer?

I have two purses.  A black one and a brown one.  They are the only two purses I have had in the past eleven years and they were both gifts from my husband.  I have had many bags like duffels, beach bags, diaper bags, and travel bags (most of them free swag that Brett has brought home from trade shows) but actual purses…just the two.

Why do I suddenly feel the urge to browse at Coach.  I didn’t even know I wanted another purse until now.  Maybe something with pink?



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  • Almost everyone can benefit from a little organization in their life. As purses got bigger these past few years, so did the need to provide a solution to keep them neat and tidy. This solves the problem.

  • whim

    John, I agree that if you have enough purses that you need an organizer that it would be a worthwhile thing to get….I just can’t relate to having that many purses!