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An Unexpected Compliment

I took the four kids to Costco tonight. I would normally try to avoid taking all of them, but Brett was working a little late and the shopping had been neglected long enough.

We stopped in to the cafe to grab dinner before browsing the aisles. The kids each ordered a gigantic piece of pizza and Kai and I shared a turkey sandwich wrap. Then we all shared some frozen yogurt.

The kids did well and we didn’t have any incidents. We took our time eating while we chatted and laughed. The baby didn’t cry. No drinks were spilled. Nobody fell off their chair.

A little gas was passed a few times by Anna, which caused uncontrollable laughter by Lincoln and Luca, but it didn’t draw too many glaring looks.

When we were done I loaded the cart with bags and kids and we headed out to shop. As we walked by one of the tables I heard the regular comment, “You’ve got your hands full!”, coming from a man sitting with his wife. I gave him a polite nod and smile. Then his wife leaned over and gently touched my arm, which caused me to stop for a minute.

“Your children are sure well behaved”, she said, “It was a pleasure to sit by you.”

I thanked her and we were on our way. I felt my head lift a little higher and my smile get a little bigger. I have had remarks like this from grandparents before, but this was a couple close to my age and I didn’t expect it.

The kids had been well behaved. They have certainly had their share of tantrums and I have given my share of scoldings while shopping and I appreciated her taking the time to give my kids a compliment when they deserved it.

As we browsed the store for another hour and a half I felt light hearted and happy as we laughed at Kai’s overuse of his new word, “uh oh”, and Anna’s flatulence problem.

A stranger’s comment made me more aware of my children and helped me enjoy shopping with them rather than rushing through it.

Next time we go shopping I will be the stranger who makes a parents day by complimenting his or her children.

  • Me too! Take that compliment and run with it. Such a nice counter to all the too-edgy people out there waiting for our kids to do the least thing wrong, which they ALL do of course – which those people did when THEY were kids! Good for you for reveling in their good moments.

  • When I was at Costco last they had this amazing chair there and the large box next to the display / demo chair said iJoy. Well after trying it out iJoy too because it was this massage chair that did more than just vibrate or something. It simulated the kneading on your back you might get from an actual person and it felt great. However, I don’t know that I could ever bring myself to pay $500 for a chair.

  • Erin

    My husband and I did buy that chair Doug was talking about! We love it! It saves my arms from having to attempt to massage my husband’s aching back for longer than 5 minutes, so it was money well spent!

  • Cindy Larkin

    You might think this is silly of me but I think that is soooo great! I love people who can go outside themselves and compliment someone, especially when it’s well deserved and needed. I’ve known so many people who just don’t verbalize the compliment and it gets left unspoken. It even brightened my day to hear you talk of it. Think of all the people she cheered up today from just her little bit of praise. I hope I will never again leave something good, left unsaid. Great post!

  • It got to a point when we entered the store, I was always afraid the store manager would get on the intercom and announce “code red, code red! They’re here!”
    I mean it’s not like produce baseball was such a bad thing. Those tomato stains will come off eventually.
    Seriously, I will be on the lookout to give those kinds of compliments and offer assistance where needed.

  • Jana

    I know exactley how you were feeling that day. While we were in Colorado for Dondi’s sisters wedding, they had a dinner at this realy nice restraunt. We were sitting at a table with us six, and Dondi’s brother and his son. We had ordered, but it tool FOREVER to get our food. I mean at least an hour. And you know how restless kids can get when they are hungery. Any way we sat and waited, and the kids talked amungst themselves, listend to ipods. Any way, we were all excited when they brought us our food. As were eating a couple were leaving, they stopped adn told Dondi and I what well behaved kids we had, and how impressed they were knowing how long we had been there and been waiting. It made us feel so good. It makes you stop and take notice as well.

  • That’s so awesome of the lady to make a nice comment and for your kids to be so well behaved. yea for nice outings! Thanks for the reminder to give more compliments.

  • It is sooo hard to remember to be kind and make nice comments. We all get wrapped up in our lives and forget the great impact we can have on others.

    Man I wish I had a slice of costco pizza and a churro right now.