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Anna’s Good-night Routine

I overheard Anna saying goodnight to Kai tonight before she went up to bed.

"Good night Kai."

"Here’s a good-night kiss."

"Here’s a good-night hug."

"And here’s a good-night smell." (sniiiiiff!)

I promise we don’t sniff our kids each night as we tuck them in.  I have no idea where she came up with that one.

  • shae

    i don’t blame her…who can resist sniffing a baby head?! soon he will smell like a sweaty kid…a smelly boy kid no less, so she needs to sniff while the sniffing is good! 🙂

  • whim

    That is so true…and…their breath. Don’t you wish it could always stay sweet little baby breath? That is a pivotal time when you cuddle up to them and for the first time you have to turn your head away from their morning breath.

  • Maryanne

    That is so cute! It’s times like this that I don’t want these little ones to grow up! There comes a time when they stop saying and doing such funny things,and it’s sad to lose that time. I have a notebook for each of my kids and as they say and do funny things like that I make sure I write it in thier book. You think you’ll remember what they did or said but it’s usually gone from your memory the next day! (Apparently that is called “mom-nesia”) As my kids get older they love to pull out their notebooks and read them. We always end up rolling on the floor with laughter. It is really fun 🙂

  • So sweet!!! And that reminds me, Hattie has been wanting to have Anna come play. This week and next are going to be crazy but maybe we can plan something for the week after that. If I don’t call you, corner me at church on Sunday. 🙂 Or if you need to run some errands and you want to dump her off on me feel free to call., I’m serious!!!