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Baby Feet

This is my favorite way to show off my baby’s feet:

kai baby feet

But those times I HAVE to cover them up to keep them warm I love these:

kai robeez

I am not normally one to put shoes on my babies, but with the cold weather we have been having we decided to get one good pair that would stay on his feet.  The Robeez booties were on sale at Amazon and I had been eyeing them in the stores so we decided to try them out.  I LOVE them!  He hasn’t kicked them off once in the month or so that he has had them.  They have elastic at the opening that keep them on really well, but don’t close up too tight on his leg.  They keep him toasty warm and they look darling with anything.  When he outgrows them I am sure we will get the next size up.


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  • Those are the sweetest little feet. Things on babies are so much cuter than they are on adults … even fat is cute on babies! I love those shoes too, they look warm and cozy.