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Because The Night Belongs To Mothers (isn’t that how the song goes?)

Finally!  Some validation!

Being a night person has caused me a lot of guilt many many times in my life so I loved reading this article. 

I have always felt like we all have our times of that day that we are the most on top of our game and the most productive.  I have tried many times in my life to switch my schedule to be a morning person, but it is just not how I am wired.

Having children has made me slightly alter my schedule so I can deal with mornings, but I still love late nights and I tend to get the most done between dinnertime and bedtime…whenever that might be.


  • I don’t know if that is a learned behavior or a genetic behavior since that is how I function and you were raised by me. I love the night when there are pretty shadows and a different kind of quiet. I love early mornings for the same reason if I can wake my brain up but that is rare.