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Boosting My Own Self-Esteem

Okay, so I got all excited when I looked at my blog stats after posting my last post and saw that four people were viewing my blog at the same time…and only minutes after posting!  Then I realized I had my blog open in four different windows and realized that no, my popularity online isn’t increasing, just my ego.

  • This made me laugh, Kim. I does spur you on when you know someone is reading what you write but it is almost as satisfying just to write it. I write better in a blog than in a journal just because it could be read by others. I love yours so keep it up!

  • Maryanne VanDenBerghe

    Hi Kim, You don’t know me but…..I went to high school with Brett :o) This entry in your blog is so funny that I just had to comment! I recently started a blog and now I KNOW how much it means to have people view your blog! It’s crazy. I do look at your occasionally (although I’ve never commented because before I had MY blog I didn’t know how fun it is to have people leave comments!). You have a great way of writing and such fun insight on things, especially motherhood. I really enjoy reading your entries – you do a great job!

    And congratulations to you and Brett on the new baby!

  • whim

    Thank you Maryanne! It is so fun to get comments and it makes my day to see them there. I would love to see your blog if you don’t mind sharing it. I am always looking for new ones to add to bloglines and they are most fun if they are blogs from people Brett or I know.

    Thank you for your comment and congratulations.

  • Maryanne VanDenBerghe

    Thanks for being interested in my blog Kim, and I’m happy to share. HOWEVER, please keep in mind that I am a total blog rookie! (and probably will always remain so.) I am still trying to figure things out on it, and most of the time I feel like it’s pretty lame ; ) Oh well, I do what I can! It actually has been a lot more fun than I thought I would be. Here it is: