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Check It Out!

My brother Ryan writes, plays, and records his own music.  He entered an online contest that will send the top four winners to perform in New York City and compete for a $15,000 prize.  He was number 1 for the first few weeks and now with two days left in the contest he has slipped down to number 5.  I would love to see him make it back in the top four and be rewarded for all the work he has put into his first album!

Please visit his site at LG Rally for Music, and if you like his music register and vote for him for the next two days!  Be sure to check out my favorite song "Falling Star".  You can also read his blog from his site.  He talks about the process of making his music and what it means to him. 

I usually don’t use my blog to ask for things like this, but this is a great opportunity and I would love to see him be a part of it.

If you liked what you heard you can hear more of his songs at this site.

  • Maryanne

    I just registered and voted for him! And hopefully I’ll remember to vote for him again tomorrow. (Okay, I’ve just made me a note.) I love his music – he should definitely win. Go Ryan!!

  • Shayna

    Hey I have voted for him and I check up on him now and then. I didnt know he had fallen. Dang it!!
    Hey, how did your low carb veggie burrito that even Jesus hasnt had taste… let me know!!

  • Meagan

    I voted for him! I hope he wins!!

  • KIm! I just checked our Ryan’s music, and his website. Wow! I had no idea he was so talented in the music department. Way to go Ryan. Really great music! ~Cindy (Mackley) Larkin