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Christmas Over? But I haven’t Finished Decorating!

I am feeling that bittersweet feeling of Christmas being over.

On one hand, “YA! It is over! No more stressing over whether the kids will like their gifts!”

On the other hand, “*sniff. sniff* Kai will be walking and talking and Anna will be in kindergarten before next Christmas.”

Anna climbed into bed with us at 7am Christmas morning and FELL BACK TO SLEEP! The others woke up when Kai woke up at 8:45 and they finally came in to wake us up. I know. I don’t know where they came from either.

Luca has been asking for a sewing machine for two months. She has never moved anything else to the top of her list for even a second. I was most worried that she wouldn’t be happy with her gift. Santa explained in his letter that Mrs. Clause put a lot of thought into her gift and put together something that she hoped she would like even better.

lu sewing kit

She did! She loved her sewing basket full of fabric, yarn, needles, pins, measuring tape, rick rack, buttons, yarn, crochet needles, and a darling little sewing book to help her learn some basic hand sewing skills.

This morning I loved waking up to this:

lu sew

Lincoln and Anna have now informed me that next year they are asking Santa for their very own sewing baskets.

Lincoln lucked out with his double order of 100 Kapla blocks. There was only supposed to be one set, but due to a rush to get the order in, the extra set on our Amazon order was somehow overlooked. Good thing. He used every one of those 200 blocks to make…not an airplane…not a pirate ship…not even a train. My boy makes…”town hall”.

linc kaplas

Anna was happy as can be and said she got everything she asked Santa to bring. When a good little four year old girl only asks for two things (three if you count the candy cane) and they are both in the range of $20, I say indulge!

anna bears

I am no Martha Stewart. I hemmed her beautiful Snow White dress (that I ordered too big) with double sided scotch tape so she could wear it on Christmas Day.

anna princess

The only picture I got of Kai was of him drinking his breakfast of Pedialyte. Poor kid was having a hard time shaking the stomach bug he had for a few days. After he drank this he went to bed and took a FIVE HOUR NAP! His longest nap ever. I will thank him when he is older. Brett and I were able to squeeze in a nap as well thanks to Rip Van Winkle.


His favorite present was a Magna Doodle. Except, it wasn’t really a Magna Doodle. It was the cheap-o no-name brand doodle board and I can see that I am going to have to go back and get the nicer one anyway because it is going to fall apart soon. I should have spent the extra $10 in the first place. Lesson learned.

In short: (okay, too late to make it short)

It was a fun, relaxed, and beautiful Christmas.

It was my first white Christmas EVER.

The snow softly falling outside was peaceful.

It was a smaller Christmas (when it comes to presents) which was our goal.

We were snowed in again so we had a lot of family time.

The cookies from neighbors were…breakfast. (oops, did I just admit that!?)

The nap was blissful.

Beating the kids at Wii Sports was oddly exhilarating.

The kids trying to teach me how to play Mario Galaxy made me feel old.

The Personal Library Kit from my husband was thoughtful.

The morning phone call from my brother and his family made me smile all morning.

It was another fabulous Christmas!

  • Kel

    Your title is no joke!! I literally have some decorations still sitting on top of my dvd player that never got hung up. This Christmas snuck up on me out of nowhere.
    I have to come check out Luca’s sewing book some day. It looks so cute.
    I have never heard of Kapla blocks, they look fun. My kids love to get the Jenga blocks out and build with them. They rarely actually play the game.
    The personal library kit is really cool!!!! And it reminded me, I still need to borrow the Prodigal Journey books from you. 😀
    Glad you had a great Christmas!!!!

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  • Meagan

    What cool presents! I would have loved Luca’s gift when I was younger. The sewing box has the cutest fabric. And that library set from Brett is so neat! I’m glad you had such a wonderful Christmas!!

  • I love your Christmas. It sounds perfect … well perfect if we could have been up there to enjoy it with you! (Maybe Brett wouldn’t have thought it was so perfect then, though, hehe). You think YOU didn’t finish decorating? Well do as we are doing. I can’t believe I talked your dad into putting the rest of the village up TODAY! But then, in the long run it will save him time because I have it on the tops of all four big book cases and they are going to stay there all year! I love how they look and they give a pleasant night light to the room … and gee, you can hardly tell the little buildings are decorated for Christmas when they are 7 feet off the floor. Such a good idea to hem with 2 sided tape … I probably would have used the stapler and that wouldn’t have looked near as professional!

  • Maryanne

    I love that Luca wanted a sewing machine! How domestic is that?! And at such a young age. Move over Martha!!

  • Jana

    It sounds like everybody was happy, and that is the best part. Your kids sare very creative. I think that is awsome. We did get snow for Christmas Eve. Even if it didn’t stick it was so awsome. It made doing our Secret Santa even more fun.

  • Shantel

    I went to the link for the sewing book you gave Luca and I might buy it for me! That was such a great idea to get her a sewing box!
    Lincoln is seriously the funniest kid, I love to read what the latest thing he says is!