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Cranium: Matching Madness Game


I found yet another game that the kids and I have been playing like crazy the past few days. 

It is another Cranium game, because when I see a Cranium game that we don’t have and it is 50% off…it will be in my cart even if it means I have to take the milk out to make room for it. 

I picked up Matching Madness for $6 at Fred Meyer the other day and it is a lot of fun.  Luca, Anna, Lincoln, and I have played it at least twenty times this weekend and I have won it…oh…not once.  I think my mind is getting slower the older I get.

card holder The kids card holders come in handy on this one because you start with seven cards.  Someone rolls the dice and it determines if you are trying to match a card by color, shape, pattern or number or any one of the four.  The first person to throw a card down that matches the top card on the discard pile gets to roll the dice next.  This continues until someone runs out of cards and wins the game.

It sounds very simple, but for some reason I get all flustered as I try to look at the dice and then remember what the symbol means and then look at my card to see what matches the card on the discard pile…oh ya, I have to look at the discard pile first.  By the time I pull a card out of my hand and throw it down one of the kids is already laughing uncontrollably because I am so slow and it is too late….so I have to take my card back because I wasn’t first and then we go again.



  • That looks like a fun game! I can’t wait to play it with everyone~!

  • Erin

    “My Word” (a card game for about $5.00 at Target) is a lot of fun too. You create words as the dealer puts cards down one at a time. Words are supposed to be at least 3 cards long, but when we played with my niece, we altered the rules for her so she could make words with 2 cards. One of the best features of the game is that its length depends on how many players you have because each one takes a turn as dealer. 5 players/5 rounds, 3 players/3 rounds, etc. So it can go pretty quick or last a while.

  • whim

    I will have to try that one out for sure! I am always looking for more fun card games.