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Creating Memories


When I was a little girl Christmas was always a magical time of year that I looked forward to more than anything. My Mom was a decorating enthusiast and our house was always red and green from floor to ceiling. I remember one year that we had at least six trees in the house. Some were only a couple feet high, but still…six trees!!! It always created such a festive feeling and excitement for us that lasted the whole month of December….and sometimes nearly into February when we finally got around to putting them away!

Several years ago my niece Aubree demonstrated well how we all felt about Mom’s Christmas spirit when we were walking around through a craft boutique in Bothell, WA called Country Village. It was a little Christmas cottage with decorated Christmas trees, stockings, Santa wall hangings, advent calendars. It felt like we were right there in the north pole in Santa’s shop! As we were walking out I noticed Aubree sitting down with tears in her eyes. I asked her what was wrong and she said, “This place reminds me of Grandma’s house.”

I haven’t come even close to decorating my house as well as my Mom used to, and to be honest I don’t love pulling out the old dusty boxes that are covered in cobwebs. But as the kids get older I am realizing that it is A LOT of work to create memories and traditions for kids, but worth every minute and bit of energy spent doing it. I love to hear Luca say, “Mom! We have to put the nutcracker on the fireplace! We do that EVERY year!” It makes me feel like I am somewhat living the legacy that my Mom started. (although I proceed carefully because Brett gets the shakes at the sight of clutter)

I am definitely more appreciative of all the fun traditions we had and all the work that went into them!

  • tedna

    It means so much to me that you have wonderful memories of Christmas’s past, whimmmer! I admit, creating them is a lot of work for the parents … and it is a huge commitment for the parents. Many a time I have finished all the decorating and baking and wrapping I have been known to declare “Never again!” But, like child birth, the pain of it fades and the good memories take over and before you know it, it’s Christmas time again and out come all the boxes.

    I love the Christmas smells and the beautiful lights and colors. I can remember the details of our house when I was little and the excitement of lining up by height to enter the living room and see what Santa brought us! The first thing we would see were the bulging stockings and it would be such a relief to see the candy cane and banana sticking from the top … and know Santa had not found me “too naughty!”

    I am happy to hear your children are picking up on the traditions you have started and that you are continuing in the way of the family! Those memories are priceless!