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Did I Just Learn Another Lesson From A Preschooler?

My next "mom moment" I have to share happened…tonight!  Just in time so I didn’t have to dig through the kids journals to find something.

I was having a hard time getting the kids moving tonight to get the things done that they needed to do before bed.  Brett had basketball so it was just me against four. 

I realized my voice was getting louder and my words were getting faster and I knew I was being impatient.  I kept looking at the clock and figuring how much less sleep they were going to get tonight and then imagining cranky kids dragging in the morning while I tried to hurry them to get ready for school.

I quickly tucked them in and walked down the hall.  I heard a little noise behind me and Lincoln had followed me out to go to the bathroom. 

I leaned on the doorframe as he did his business and said, "I already tucked you in once and you know the rule.  So when you are done you need to go climb in bed and be a big boy and tuck yourself back in."

His face got sad and he thought for a few seconds.

"Awww…mom, but when YOU tuck me in last you are still on my blankets while I sleep".

Then came the tears.  (mine, not his…and again as I write this)

I tucked him in again and lingered during our hugs and kisses routine.

Next time he yells (so I can hear him from upstairs) that he needs me to tuck him in yet again, I will bite back my impatient tongue and go pull his covers up to his chin so that he will feel safe while he sleeps because I touched his blankets last.

  • Sweet little words from Lincoln always bring tears to my eyes. Being Mommy 24/7 is a hard job. By the time you are done you are old like me. I remember lots of nights after my kids were asleep looking like angels … wishing I could go back and kiss a little more, snuggle a little longer. You do a good job.

  • Meagan

    Your kids are so adorable, Kim. What a cutie Lincoln is! I can barely manage my two sometimes, so I don’t know how you are able to manage four so well! I need to learn from you. Matt and I loved visiting with your family on Sunday night and I hope you got to do something special to celebrate your birthday!