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Feeling Loved

He loves me..

 flowers from above

He loves me not…

flowers side view

He loves me!

close up flowers

A nice birthday surprise from my man.  Why is it that flowers turn us women to babbling starry-eyed school girls? 

For me it says, "you are worth it…even though they slowly wither and fade and we will have to throw them away…you are worth it." 

They are beautiful!  Thank you.

  • Happy Birthday Kim!
    Your flowers are beautiful, what a sweet honey!
    Are you going to do anything fun?

  • whim

    Thank you Trisha! I had a good day. It was low key, which I wanted. The kids made me cards and Anna had to tell everyone she saw that it was my birthday. We all went to Lincoln’s soccer practice last night and stayed afterwards and played at the park and then went to get ice-cream. Brett and I are going to go out on Friday night when it is easier to get a sitter.

  • Happy late birthday Kim!! I wish I had know sooner. 🙂
    Mine was the next day. This is the flower I got for my birthday. 🙂
    Amy Sala took me to a yummy Chinese place for lunch, Aaron took me to Red Robin for dinner and I got a new pair of shoes the next day. It was nice. Birthdays just aren’t that big a deal now that we’re old mommies. 😉 It was funny, the kids didn’t even know it was my birthday ’til right before bedtime. Aaron gathered them all together to sing to me. So cute!!!

  • whim

    Thank you Keli, happy birthday to YOU! I didn’t know it was your birthday either! It definitely is different once you are older. It is still fun, but just different.

    I am glad you had a good day!