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Foiled Again: Another Get-Rich-Quick Scheme Failure Story

leprechaun trap

Me: How was your St. Patricks Day party at school? Did you catch a leprechaun?!

Lincoln: No, but he left me some chocolate gold. You can’t use that kind of gold to go to Disneyland, but it tasted good. I didn’t get an award though. Most of the other kids got them, but the leprechaun only left them for the traps that he really liked.

I later found out that “most” of the kids in his class of 24 actually means four kids.

There is a trap door by the gold rocks at the top so that when those pesky leprechauns try to take his gold they fall down into the trap. Lincoln can then barter with the little green men to give him all of their gold in return for their freedom.

He almost caught one, but it managed to escape. During his escape he dropped a few of his golden chocolate coins so Lincoln was pretty pleased at how close he came.

Maybe next year we will improve the trap enough to get the gold he wants to go to Disneyland.

  • LOL! That’s awesome!

  • I think I’ll have to put out a leprechaun trap next year, as a back-up plan for my 401K. He did a great job!

  • Lynn

    I’be been setting Santa Clause traps for 50 years now with no results. If anyone comes up with a trap for any of these illusive folks I hope they let me know cause I am running out of ideas !!!