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Food Court Musical

I love this! 

I used to work in the dining room at a health spa and one of my friends/coworkers and I used to joke around while we were cleaning up about how it would be great if the dining room broke out into a musical.  We had it all choreographed and would come up with songs according to how our day went.  The lyrics to the the songs in our musical often involved the words "tofu" and "Vicky" (you would have to have worked there to get that).  We thought we were so funny.  And we were. 


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  • Man I wish I would have been there to see that first hand. I loved the faces of the customers at the tables.

  • Maryanne

    What brave souls – that is hilarious!!

    Also Kim I’d be interested to hear what you think about The Kite Runner when you are done reading it. It’s on my list (currently #3) but I haven’t yet talked to anyone who has read it.

  • whim

    Maryanne, I will let you know! It is really good so far. I am about four chapters into it. I just went to the library last night though and now I am reading three books…argh! I hate it when I do that, but I can’t wait to see what a new book is like after I get it so I always read the first chapter right away no matter what else I am reading.

  • That was great, the looks on the mall patrons are priceless.

  • This was so cool. I wish I had of been there. Would have been hard to keep me from joining in. My mom got me the Kite book. I haven’t read it yet. I guess I need to get started. After Women at the Well is over. Love, Me

  • whim

    Catherine, I am about halfway through the book and it is so well written. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I wish I could just wrap up in a quilt and read it until I finished it…but you know that those days are just a dream now!