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Full of Love and Hope on this Easter Sunday

This is beautiful. I have watched it over and over these past two days. Enjoy.

  • Meagan

    That really is beautiful, Kim. Thanks for sharing it. I hope you guys are having a wonderful Easter!!

  • Kel

    That WAS a beautiful talk. We had a great speaker today in sacrament and at the end of his talk he recommended we go and listen to Elder Holland’s talk again and see this video. It was great to remember those feeling I first had last Sunday when he gave this talk. Thanks for posting it!! I might have to follow your example. Spread it everywhere. 🙂

  • Grandma Henke

    We watched this talk twice the day it was first given. It brought us to tears both times. We had a good speaker in sacrament meeting today, too. It was your dad!

  • whim

    Mom, I wish I could have heard it! Dad has such a beautiful testimony of the Savior and I would have loved to have been there to hear it.

  • Shelli Campbell

    I just made my blog private, but don’t have your email to invite you., If you would like to be a reader, please email me! Thanks,Shelli

  • Maryanne

    I have also watched that several times in the past couple of weeks, and watching it again now was like watching it for the first time. Thanks for posting that. Beautiful and so touching.