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Get It Right!

"Lincoln, do you want to go play on the playground while Luca has soccer practice?"

"Ya.  But I have never done it right when I go.  Never.  One time I bumped my head.  Another time my tummy hurt.  Two times I was so cold.  Another time a girl kept hitting me.  Once I was sick.  I have NEVER got it right."

Here is the poor boy at one of Luca’s soccer practices.  Doesn’t he look miserable?


  • I never quite get it right at playgrounds either … unless I’m in Washington with you, the kids, and our lawn chairs!

  • shae

    man, i love that kid! if he ever turns up missing, head to my house because i have swiped him from that awful playground place!

  • PS That is a darling picture of LIncoln

  • Maryanne

    I sure wish that I looked as cute as Lincoln does when MY tummy hurts, I’m cold, sick, and I’m getting beaten up! You’d never know by that happy face how miserable he really is! He must be a good actor! 😉