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Getting My Frizz On

This is why I only let the kids brush my hair late at night, and only if I am not going anywhere or expecting anybody to stop by for the rest of the night.

kims hair

Brett walked in the room and exclaimed, “Whoa! New hairdo?”

Yes, it is the Marsha Brady…only frizzier.

So the kids are starting to catch on just a little bit that brushing my hair is not a privilege. They used to fight over who got to do it and now they ask me how much it is worth. Good thing they still think a couple of dimes is worth ten minutes of their time. 

Tonight Luca said, “Mom, I think I brush your hair the best, Lincoln rubs your feet the best, and Anna rubs your back the best.”

I said, “Hmmm, you might be right. I should probably have you all do it at the same time so I will know for sure.”  I think she bought it. I will try to slip it into tomorrow night’s bedtime routine.

Brett found out before we were married how much I love my feet rubbed and my hair brushed. I can’t think of another way to win me over more than those two things.

The first time we watched a movie together (I think our second date), he rubbed my feet for the ENTIRE movie.  It was Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.  I will always love that show.  I knew that night that I had found “the one”.

Luckily in eleven years of marriage he still doesn’t mind when I prop my feet up on his lap for some attention, or when I lean into him while we watch a movie in the “please play with my hair” pose.

*About the picture:  It was 11pm and I had already taken my makeup off and it is black and white because my eyes were so read from my contacts. And yes, my freckles really pop out in the summertime.

  • Congratulations. You two seem to have found the ways to make your marriage continue to be fun. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is in our classics colletction and comes out all the time. And I agree, back and foot rubs by your husband is probably the best was to quietly communicate with your partner. Guess what I’m going to be doing tonight for my wife?


  • I’m 62 and those are my two favorite gifts also!

  • Wow! You are training those kids right, or is it just genetics from their dad? Either way, you are lucky, the closest I come is the 1 year old pulling my hair. I just stumbled onto your site via wiggle rooms. Cute post.

  • I don’t know if I already told you this, but I always think of you as Kimmie the cousin with beautiful hair. One summer when you came to visit grandma & pa Henke you had your hair permed in a California Spiral Perm. Krista and I though your hair was sooo gorgeous. We even tried to get our hair permed just like yours. But unfortunately they didn’t have the right rods to do it so we ended up with just a regular perm; NOT half as pretty as dear cousin Kimmie’s. Do you remember that perm?

  • whim

    Thank you Trisha! I do remember that perm. It took about five hours to get it because my hair was so long and the last two hours I had two and three girls rolling at the same time. I couldn’t brush my hair for about a year and a half because the curls were so tight! Funny thing is, that is the last perm I ever had. I was fifteen when I got it and it lasted two years until I cut my hair to my chin, which cut all the curl off. It was fun to have, but I don’t think I would ever have the patience for it again! (besides the fact that I am too old to pull it off now!)

  • I had to worry about frizz once, the bald guy says. I think it was back in 1982.

    It was a sunny day …