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Getting Things In Focus

We took Luca to the eye doctor for the first time today and she picked out two pair of glasses.

luca close

As I sat and watched her struggle to read the top line of the chart with her left eye I felt like an idiot for missing the signs.

She had fairly frequent headaches that I attributed to diet or fatigue.

She has been “winking” frequently with one eye. Now I can see that she wasn’t winking, but she was squinting so she could see better with her other eye.

I am grateful her school nurse does eye tests with the kids and that they suggested to us that she get and eye exam.

I think she will be amazed at the world when we pick up her glasses next week.

I still remember asking my mom, “what are all those white dots in the sky?” after picking up my first pair of glasses when I was eight years old.

“Those are stars, honey.”



  • We didn’t discover that my second son was legally blind in one eye until he was in 2nd grade. He could see 20/15 out of the other eye so he *cheated* on the eye tests. It was a pure fluke that we even found out (decided to do one of the Walmart free screenings – he was 20/200 in the bad eye)

    That’s a great photo of her, btw.

  • Luca will look so cute in her glasses! I bet she’ll be as amazed as you were. I remember that we didn’t pick up that you needed glasses on our own either.

  • Meagan

    I can’t wait to see Luca in her new glasses! She will look so cute. I am also interested in seeing Brett in his new Sarah Palin glasses that he was telling Matt about… 🙂

  • Trisha

    We just recently got Jenaya some glasses as well. Too her dismay, she wants contacts at age 6!!!

  • My daughter Grace just got the same news on Friday. My precious little peanut will have glasses before Thanksgiving. Of all my four children, she is the first to need glasses..of course next to her mother!

    Your children are just beautiful!

  • whim

    Thank you Joanne! I hope Grace loves her glasses as much as Luca has. I think it amazes them when they can actually see like they are supposed to be able to.