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Great Ideas From Others While My Mind Is Out Of Commission

My posting has taken a serious hit between reading the Stephenie Meyers books for the past few days and now from all the cold medicine that has been clouding up my brain.

So for tonight I am just going to link to a post on one of my favorite blogs, “Rocks In My Dryer”.  At the bottom of the post there are oodles of links to posts from her readers on the topic of “Mom, I’m Bored.”  There are a lot of fun ideas of things to do with your kids in the summer.

  • oh, no!! i have this sinking feeling that my child brought that bug to your house last week!!! i’m so sorry!!!! do you need anything? do lincoln or anna or both need to come over and play? we’re all better now. :} i feel terrible!!

  • whim

    You are so sweet Keli. We probably already had it when Hayden was over. Kai started with it on Wednesday and he wasn’t even around the boys during the party. Besides…I am sure we have shared a bug or two!!

  • Bugs find a way of getting around … I wish I could tend for you so you could rest!