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Hands Off My Chocolate!

When I was a kid I swore that when I became a parent I would let my kids eat anything that I brought into the house.  I would not have foods that were off limits or "mom and dad food".  I used to get so frustrated when I would see a fridge full of yogurt and was told, "the yogurt is off limits!  I found two half eaten cups of it that were wasted yesterday"…or, "No.  You can’t have one of the Lean Cuisine frozen dinners.  They are for us because we are on a diet…unless you want to be on a diet too!"  Oh how I wanted to eat light frozen dinners instead chicken, potatoes, and ice cream.

I think I have been in denial, but I have totally become my parents and then some.  I realized I have taken it a step further as my three year old brought me an expensive box of Godiva chocolates that a friend had given me and asked if she could have a piece.  Knowing that there was plenty of inexpensive chocolate around the house that she would enjoy just as much I heard myself reply, "no honey, that is diet (kid interpretation: yucky) chocolate for mom and dad.  I will get you some kid chocolate."

  • Very funny! And very true! I’ve found myself thinking and feeling the same thing. And of course there is always the guilt that follows giving children sweets – eventhough they love it too. Emma is always asking for treats. I’ve found that if I just say no she stops asking altogether. Whew! Happy New Year.

  • Ha! It’s funny how we turn into our parents! I like that anything you don’t want them to eat is “diet food”.

  • whim

    …and I knew I had been talking a little too much about my diet (pre-pregnancy) when the kids started saying, “mom, does this have carbs?” and “are you allergic to sugar…well, are you allergic to carbs?”

    Happy New Year to you too Catherine!